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Meet Roasted Chicory Root—A Health Boosting Caffeine-Free Coffee Alternative

By Heather Crosby

photo credit: T.Tseng via photopin cc

Often, folks ask me if there is a healthy caffeine-free substitute for coffee that actually tastes like coffee. While that rich, dark coffee flavor is completely unique to the coffee bean, the closest alternative I have found is the deep, dark flavor of roasted chicory root. And instead of perpetuating the sleep deprivation cycle and weakening bones by creating an acidic body like coffee does (sorry, lovers), chicory root has a list of health benefits a mile long.

Coffee is enjoyed for many reasons by many lovely people and I get it—flavor, ritual, memories, emotion, and of course, the stimulation it delivers. But if you are ready to try something new and more beneficial for your body, chicory root may be just the alternative YU’ve been waiting for.

Read more about why YU should consider saying “adios” to coffee and more about healthful alternatives right here.

Why Chicory Root?

Flavor. I am a big fan of the taste of roasted dandelion root and roasted maca for health-boosting coffee alternatives—but I am also someone who never really got into the habit of drinking coffee (I’m not sure how I dodged that one, especially in my partytime days). And real coffee drinkers—while they enjoy the taste of those alternatives—usually end up saying to me “I like it a lot, but it’s not coffee.” Roasted chicory root, however, elicits the “now this chicory root stuff I can get into” response that’s music to my ears. It’s deep, dark, roasted, slightly bitter, rich—the closest to coffee flavor I have found.

Read more about the history and health benefits of chicory here

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