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The San Luis Valley is one of the best places in the country to enjoy fresh, seasonal, locally grown foods. Logically, many of these wonderful foods also show up in some of the local restaurants. There are probably many more restaurants that use locally grown foods, but they may be too bashful--or too busy!--to advertise this fact, so don't be surprised if there are many others. Did we miss any? Let us know in the Comments section! Many thanks to the folks at the San Luis Valley Local Foods Coalition for assembling the bulk of the original list, which can be found here. All that was left for us to do was to tweak it and update it a little bit.

14 San Luis Valley Restaurants That Offer Locally Grown Food


1. Calvillos
Serving local potatoes, carrots, beans, lettuce, zucchini and corn when available.
Location: 400 Main Street
Contact: Martine or Pancho
Phone: 719-587-5500 2. 

2. Mary Sue's Morsels

Catering, local foods
Decadent, Healthy, Catering designed by budget for every appetite. Featuring local foods.
Phone: 719-589-6953
Email: marysuesmorsel(at)hotmail.com

3. Rio Grande Scenic Railroad
Local foods and drinks
The RGSR serves some local food, local beer and local wine on our excursions between Alamosa and La Veta. For reservations call 1-877-726-7245 or visit our website.
Location: 610 State Avenue
Contact: Ryan Weeks, Passenger Services Manager
Phone: 719-587-0509, 719-337-8731, 719-589-3301 4. 

4. San Luis Valley Brewing Company

Craft beer and soda, local foods
Featuring a full menu highlighting local products. Craft beers and sodas made on premises. Stop by for lunch or dinner and brewery tour. Menu features Gosar Sausages, Rakha Mushrooms, Salazar Organic Beef, local potatoes, barley, wheat honey and hops.
Location: 631 Main Street
Contact: Scott or Angie Graber
Phone: 719-587-BEER
Email: angie(at)slvbrewco.com

5. SLV Pizza Company
Ethnic catering, local foods. Local potatoes, beef and produce from the Alamosa Farmers' Market when available.
Location: 2069 W. 1st Street
Contact: Chef Randall Pierson
Phone: 719-589-4749


6. Bliss Café
Crestone's local organic eatery
Location: 187 W. Silver Avenue
Hours: 7 days 10:30am - 8:30pm
Contact: Ava Lowe and Scott Swordy
Phone: 719-256-6400

7. Cho Ku Rei Farm Store & Café
SLV's source for locally raised yak meat, produce, wheatgrass, raw and wheat-free foods, homemade chocolate and the best yak chili in the Valley.
Located at the Challenger Golf Course just west of Crestone on County Road T.
Location: 68037 County Road T
Hours: Mon. - Thurs. 10am - 6pm Fri. 10am - 7pm
Contact: Leah Pike
Phone: 719-256-4700

8. Green Frog
Juice bar, superfoods
Juice Bar and Superfoods using local ingredients.
Phone: 719-588-5112
Email: greenfrogjuicebar(at)gmail.com

9. OFIA - Our Food Is Art
Catering, local foods, organic foods
Full service catering featuring local organic foods and baked goods. We grow various organic foods at our Red Starr Farms including varieties of berries, vegetables, farm fresh eggs, goats and goat milk.
Location: Crestone Contact: Lynette or Scott Tieder
Phone: 719-256-5879
Email: scottcrestone(at)yahoo.com

Del Norte

10. Peace Of Art Café
Local foods, soups, veggie burgers
Peace of Art Café at the Organic Peddler on the Edge uses local ingredients when in season and as available. Best known for our homemade veggie burgers and daily homemade soups.
Location: 14475 W. Highway 160
Contact: KimAnna or Michael Cellura-Shields
Phone: 719-657-3223 (719-65PEACE)
Email: organicpeddler(at)yahoo.com

11. Restaurant At The Windsor
Bison, cheeses, sausage, produce
Elegant yet comfortable fine dining with an old west flair. Featuring locally grown Flying Eagle Bison, Organic Cheeses, Gosar Sausages, Fresh Grown Greens (in season) and more. Award winning celebrated Chef Urs Balmer and staff create their unique daily selections. Located in the Windsor Hotel. Location: 665 Grande Avenue
Hours: Breakfast 9 AM, Lunch 11 AM - 2 PM, Dinner 5 PM - Close
Contact: Halle Furr or Chef Urs Balmer
Phone: 719-657-9031

South Fork

13. Feelin' Good Coffee House & Café
Beer, coffee, organic produce
Serves local organic produce and beer made with San Luis Valley barley.
Located at the Y of 160 and 149 in South Fork.
Location: 76 Highway 149
Contact: Blair Britt or Deanna Orr
Phone: 719-873-5150 Email: blrbritt1(at)gmail.com


14. 4th Street Diner
Local beef and produce
Serves certified grass-fed beef from Blue Range Ranch in Saguache, local potatoes and greens when available. All foods made from scratch.
Location: 411 4th Street
Phone: 719-655-6411

Villa Grove

15. Villa Grove Trade
Local foods Cafè uses local meats and eggs. Food prepared from local, fresh ingredients.
Location: 34094 Hwy 285
Contact: Jeff or Amber Shook Phone: 719-655-2203

What do you think?

The Internet's a great place, but your eyes and ears are even better! Let us know in the Comments section below if we missed any restaurants, or we messed up or left out any information!

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